Fashion for beginners

Shopping tips for fashion enthusiasts

From the crowd, long minutes of waiting for fitting rooms … Stores have become a real chore! To no longer take the lead, we offer a list of the 5 best e-shop, for a shopping in peace. If you are…

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A guide to the most famous fashion designers in the world

Although styling is not included in art forms such as painting and sculpture, this activity can be considered as such. Design and fashion have the goal of bringing beauty and functionality to clothing and accessories. This art form is influenced…

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The most underrated fashion brands of the last decade

Where some earn in cost over others is advertising; this is how Modestology or Loom have eliminated unnecessary fees, their prices are close to Zara or Celio! “We eliminate intermediaries, says the founder of Modestology, Jeanne Bosco. Le Basiq Intermediate…

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A beginner’s guide to what fashion is in today’s world

It is really difficult to define precisely the concept of fashion. This is because it is a fairly large universe; which is both linked to thousands of people while remaining intimate. How can we define fashion? It can be said,…

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