Fashionable celebrities

What have we learnt the acting industry in terms of fashion ?

This week-end takes place the highly anticipated ceremonies of Caesar and Oscars. As every year, clothing actresses will be scrutinized, those of the actors, much less. Why? It’s because for many people, tuxedos are all the same. Visit and…

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The most fashionable women of the last couple of years

They are models, actresses, singers or “girl of”. True trend instigators that stand out with their stylish, cutting-edge looks that inspire thousands of fashion designers around the world. Their appearances are always chic and neat: every detail is studied with…

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Red carpet fashion: who stood out lately ?

As commented and analyzed as the presentation of the trophies, the red carpet sees every year dresses all more prestigious than the others. If the ceremony is most often placed under the sign of elegance and glamor, some guests miss…

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Vintage fashion for celebrities: the latest and most notable outings

Just look a little around, in deco or fashion, to see that the vintage is a real trend. And we love it. The only difficulty is to succeed in adopting it without looking completely outdated. Pearl necklace and polka-dot skirt,…

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Most stylish male celebrities

From film to film and at every festival, we see the stars getting better and better dressed. We are entitled to ask ourselves if we can be inspired by the style of the stars to be well dressed! The problem…

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The best american music awards’ outings of the last decade

Nowadays, celebrities show that they do not have only one string to their bow. In addition to music, movies, etc., some of them decide to go into fashion. Thus, they go so far as to create their own brand of…

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