Most stylish male celebrities

From film to film and at every festival, we see the stars getting better and better dressed. We are entitled to ask ourselves if we can be inspired by the style of the stars to be well dressed! The problem is that most play their charisma or the intelligence of their personal stylist. Between DO and DO NOT, what should we retain from the style of the stars to have the class?

Brad Pitt's style

Through his various appearances and his many films, we had the opportunity to see Brad Pitt with many styles. Sometimes it had to be inspired, other times not at all. If for you, Brad Pitt is this outfit in Fight club, I stop you right now, it's no! You will never be able to wear this outfit and have style. Leave that kind of fantasy to the movies. For a costume party, why not, but I really advise you to go out to meet people, or try to seduce on the street. If, however, for you, Brad Pitt's style boils down to the appearance he made on the picture above, it's perfect! We regret the pants a bit long, but overall, the outfit is well matched and casual for a day that is supposed to Cannes. If you were to buy a suit however, prefer navy blue or charcoal gray to start! We let you analyze the Brad Pitt of the Chanel ad and his interventions in the saga Ocean's 11, 12, and 13!

Johnny Depp's style

Johnny Depp is the black sheep of fashion and an outstanding actor; it looks like everything suits him. And yet, you would take insane risks trying to resemble him on the sartorial level! Johnny Depp is a star with an extraordinary style, who can afford this species of wabisabi, this neglected effect that is in fact much worked. If after that, his style still looks great, remember that you, without makeup artist, hairdresser, professional photographer and editing, it will not have the same effect! For those who still want to try this kind of adventure, try to play a lot on accessories, without wearing as many patterns, and different styles, and above all: learn to match the colors.

The style of Zac Efron

Even though actor Zac Efron has played in a number of films that we would prefer not to talk about, his style deserves to be emphasized. Sometimes casual, sometimes more formal, he combines the two perfectly and most of his appearances are a visual delight. Using shades (different shades of the same color), just cuts and beautiful colors, find in some photos what to remember the style of Zac efron.
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