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eyelash extension products

Published on : 14 April 20203 min reading time

Eyelash extension can have the magic of transforming a simple look into a glamorous look. They enhance the length and thickness our your lashes hence making you stand out from a crowd. They come in different types including mink, silk, synthetic or human hair.

Eyelash extensions

The different types of eyelash extensions have different results. Mink looks a lot more natural because its light, feathery and soft. However, it can be very costly compared to other types. If seeking to do your lashes, you can buy eyelash extensions online from different sites. Applying the extensions does not require special skills and anyone can easily do so. A semi-permanent glue is usually used to glue the extensions. The eye is usually closed to prevent the glue from entering the eye and causing eyelid lips. The extended lashes can last for an entire cycle of your natural eyelash which could be between six to eight weeks. Also, avoiding water on newly planted eyelashes can help strengthen them. It is important to note that, if applying the eyelashes sounds like a tough task, it’s advisable you seek the help of a professional or qualified technical because the eye is a very sensitive area of your body. Try checking eyelash in Canada.

Eyelash extensions products

Eyelash extensions products fall under two categories: those that are essential and non-essentials. Tweezers are a must in the application process as they isolate each natural lash to ensure clean application. Investing in good tweezers is a must for the lovers of eyelash extensions. The medical safe tape is another tool in the extension application process to ensure that criss-cross of upper and bottom lashes does not happen. Other tools are lash brushes to ensure everything is separated, primer to ensure that all debris and oils are stripped from the lashes before application, eyelash adhesive, eye pads, lash tile and crystal stone and finally the nano mister to speed up the adhesive curving process and cut the period of drying 24hrs to probably 12 hrs. Eyelashes extension can be a tedious process, but with these tools, you are assured of an essay and wonderful job anywhere in eyelash extensions in Montreal.

Mascara for eyelash

It’s common for people wonder whether it’s advisable to apply mascara on eyelash extensions or not, and the good news is yes. It’s absolutely okay to apply your mascara on your extensions though it’s not necessary. However, oil-free mascara and makeup is the safest choice. This is because the oil-based tends to weaken the glue holding your extension hence falling off. Also, waterproof mascara, tube mascara, and fiber mascaras should be avoided. Some of the recommended brands of mascara include Xtreme lashes by Andras brand, BeautyGrades oil-free mascara, and Blinks lash Noir mascara.You ought to e careful when buying mascara for eyelash extensions brands.
Eyelash serum
While mascaras do the trick for instant results, but the best eyelash serum should make your lashes grow longer, darker and fuller. For the best eyelash serum canada natural results, you should look for a formula that has biotin, peptides or lipids. However, be cautious about the side effects.

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Tips for Buying Eyelash Extension Products in Canada

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