Natural stones properties: online guide

Natural stones properties

When you wear natural stones or place them in your environment, they connect you to the earth with their powerful vibrations. However, understand that each stone has unique vibrations and healing properties.

What are Healing Minerals?

Ancient healing minerals are natural and manifest life intentions, goals and dreams. They harness the power of the earth’s naturally occurring elements, including the moon, the ocean and the universe to create an inward attraction of healing energies.

The structure of the atom has been studied over the last hundreds of years, and research has found that everything in the universe has energy. The same way magnets use energy to repel or attract is the same way the stones work. Placing a particular crystal on a specific part of your body will vibrate, shift, transform or move the energy according to the energetic signature and stone properties.

Because there are many types of healing stones, you will need to choose the right one, depending on your needs. Some carry healing properties for depression, wealth, love and anxiety, among others.

Which Type of Crystal should you use?

It is extremely crucial that you choose the right stone for your problem. Although it is best that you consult a healing guide, the best lead will always be your intuition. Meditate on the stone to figure out how it should be used or go with your first instinct. Here are some of the most common properties.

White/Clear to Signify Clearing

A good example is the Selenite, Quartz or Moonstone. These crystals are highly absorbent and are perfect for cleansing all energies. You can use them when meditating to calm the mind. Because these stones absorb too much, always cleanse them before use using holy water, purified or saltwater. Selenite dissolves in water, so do not soak it.

Brown to Signify Allowing

Examples are Petrified Wood, Halite and Tiger’s Eye. These stones are grounding. When holding them, close your eyes and imagine a dirt path in the woods. The path will lead you through and protect you in your journey. These stones are designed to protect, clear the way and protect you. Use them when looking into a new path in your life, such as anticipating an opening or a relationship.

Orange to Signify Release

Examples include Aragonite, Copper and Sunstone. Have you ever fallen sick, but when you moved out from a dark room to the sun, you felt better? These stones work the same way. Orange generally is an energizing and soothing colour. In that case, these stones clear out negative energy from your body and boost health properties. When you are feeling sick or low, use these crystals.

Red to Signify Energy

Examples include Jasper, Ruby and Garnet. These stones possess a lot of energizing properties. How do you feel at the sight of a red alert such as traffic lights? The colour instantly rekindles the energetic properties.

Yellow to Signify Alignment

Examples include Sulphur, Amber and Mookaite. This crystal realigns energy patterns in the body. When you are working towards breaking a bad habit to invite a new one, use this crystal.

Green to Signify Balance

Examples include Emerald, Jade and Malachite. Because these carry balancing properties, they are used for physical healing. Physical illnesses in the human body are often triggered by something. For instance, too much acid can trigger digestive issues. While you may need something to survive, it could make you sick eventually. Green healing crystals tip the scale in the right healthy direction and balance energy flows.

Indigo to Signify Calm

Examples include Azurite, Kyanite, Lazuli and Lapis. When everything around you feels chaotic, and you really need to relax, use these crystals. They have the power to treat you to a calming effect by mellowing out anxious energy.

Blue to Signify Communication

Examples include Sodalite, Angelite and Sapphire. These foster communication and openness. If you are trying hard to reveal the truth, these stones will help you.

Black to Signify Protection

Examples include Apache Tears, Tourmaline and Obsidian. Because they are resilient, they are excellent in protecting. When repelling negative energies, use this crystal.

Pink to Signify Love

Examples include Morganite, Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. Pink is a symbol of romance. But it is not just necessary for romance. It can also be used to vibrate loving and compassionate energy. Use them to reverse anger, invite romance and help you feel the love.

For every stone, be sure to cleanse before use. For some such as amber and selenite, which melt when soaked, you can give them a moon bath by leaving them under the light of the moon overnight. Once they are cleansed, hold them in your palm, shut your eyes and state your intention.

Healing with Stone Properties

Different crystals have varying stone virtues that can affect your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects. Each time you hold a crystal, you don’t have to look up its meaning. Just hold the one you feel drawn to.

The right one will affect the energy of your surroundings, which will then influence you. It doesn’t matter whether you hold the stone or place it on the mantlepiece or your bed. If at some point you feel drawn away from a certain crystal, give it away.

Meta Description: The key to obtaining the positive properties of natural stone jewellery is an open mind. Whether you are looking for certain healing powers or overall positive effects, give these ancient minerals an honest try.

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