The trendiest jewelry styles of late

What style of accessories to adopt? Which pieces to choose to twister your look in a trendy way? The answer with our selection of jewelry guns to boost all your outfits !

Astro Power

Do you love to read your horoscope and never miss an opportunity to proclaim that your character is your astrological sign? So this trend that puts our head in the stars has everything to please you! This year, we proudly display the symbols of Gemini, Cancer, Lion, Virgin and other sagittarius or bull in delicate jewels. Pendants, rings, earrings ... to each in his own way to wink at his zodiac sign! So, ready to succumb to the charm of astrological jewelry? If the answer is no, another option is unveiled for the most reluctant to reveal this little intimate side of their personality. Yes, surfing the trend, the stars, silver moons and golden sun are legions in the collections and will be a good alternative to the trend.

The object of desire: the medal

Vintage, the medal, once offered to children at baptism and other important ceremonies, is more fashionable than ever. Nothing to say, the medal has the first place in our hearts! Back in strength of the pretty little chains accompanied by pendants medals with varied motives and personalized messages. Top novelties to wear without moderation. That's enough to dress up his outfits and enhance any simple T-shirt with a snap of a finger.

Elegance in gold and rhinestones

Simplicity will also be the order of the most precious jewels that oscillate between sober lines and brilliance of the diamond in a mile and a rhinestone. Gold, pink gold or silver, it's up to you to twister your classics with a few well-placed bursts for jewels easy to live and wear. Ethnic chic Coming from elsewhere, the ethnic trend is, too, still and always fury! But this year 2018, there are some gimmick to adopt to be connected: head on the horns that are the it-room of the moment to no doubt. In small jewels on chain, they are the subtle echo of collars plastron and other maxi cuffs. Also fall for the half moons which are, in more echo, the trend stars. Another facet more mineral stones like semi-precious stones or marbled stones in black, white and turquoise for the most colorful. Finally, the tropical foliage that makes us want to travel. Not to mention the metal symbols attached to cords to make your chakras vibrate.
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