Tips for Buying Eyelash Extension Products in Canada

Eyelash Extension Products

Just like any other product, eyelashes should have a solid product pipeline management to reach to customers throughout Canada. With the exponential growth of the beauty industry, all business processes should be aligned with product distribution. Click here to see the assortment of eyelash extensions products, how to fix them and the preferred skin tone for each of the eyelashes. Eyelash industry in Canada offers a wide range of products and it takes a keen beautician to find the right product. This article will help guide the buyer throughout the process and get value for money in the long run.

Skin Tone, Eye Colour and Eye Shape

It is the priority in the eyelash extensions class. Here, each skin, eye shape and eye colour have a matching eyelash. For example,

  • The doll eyelash extensions work well with wide and brown eyes.
  • Natural Looking eyelash extensions are fit for every eye shape; wide, round or oval.
  • Staggered Eyelash extensions do well with people who have naturally thin eyelashes.

The above examples focus on style as a factor. They create the perfect look a person wants to complement their natural bodily features.


Price caters for the cost factor. Users would like to get eyelash products which are friendly to their pockets but still enhances their appearance. Celebrities won’t consider this element, thanks to their deep resource base. However, normal users make this a priority. The price factor is determined mostly by distribution and production costs. If the eyelashes are manufactured far for consumption area, the cost will increase to cater for the logistics. If the best eyelash serum Canada can produce was used to make the product, the cost will rise to make the product break even. The final user will only focus on a good eyelash, both in appearance and affordability.


These are endorsements from previous users. Check out if any known public figure commended the extensions. It increases credibility and might complement other products associated with the brand. A good example is a mascara for eyelash extensions brands. Most beauty companies make their complementary products because they work well with their eyelashes extensions.

Distribution Channels

The eyelash extension brand should have a network of distributors and outlets to help get the product to users. From eyelash extensions in Montreal to the furthest corners of the country, every worthy extension of Eyelash in Canada has to offer must be accessible. This helps in price controls, sustainability and market dependency. Good distribution channels are beauty parlours and saloons. The production company should create an inventory that monitors the stock levels in every outlet. It helps plan for deliveries, distribute the extensions based on demand and effectively manage the operations cycle.

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