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Clothes are a basic need for every human being, and no one hates looking good. For the best look, you need shoes that match your clothes. And you should get these shoes from the best brands and shops. If you…

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The importance of fashion on an individual scale

Fashion, including any ready-to-wear collection, plays a crucial role in our society. Clothes, but also accessories, continue to worry most of the population, adults and adolescents alike. Fashion leads to multiple professional activities, each as interesting as the others, such…

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Fashion’s contribution to the economy

To be interested in fashion is also to be interested in its economy: from the creation of a brand to its distribution, passing of course by its financing and production. The fashion economy is in perpetual evolution with a production…

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How the fashion industry has heped overcome poverty

Women from Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso, three of the world’s poorest countries, are beginning to be gently introduced into the global fashion industry and its behind the scenes reality thanks to the EFI and the International Trade Center (ITC)….

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Fashion, a tricky world with its own secrets

The fashion industry sends dreams, and that’s its very function. With great publicity, even greenwashing, it tries to conceal as much as possible what is hidden behind the scenes, in production workshops, or even the foregoing. Here are 3 great…

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Evolution of the fashion industry

We all wear clothes regardless of whether or not we are a true fashion fan. If you do not follow the fashion trends, you may not have noticed that the fashion industry is progressing fast with the digital age. In…

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Jobs in the fashion industry

Faced with the market of the textile industry, competition, especially from emerging countries, is becoming stronger. To stand out, professionals rely on innovation. Recruiters expect their future employees to stand out. Marketer: knowing to adapt to the market The Product…

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The fashion industry and the search for sustainability

Studying fashion is also about where our clothes come from, how they are made, and what we can expect in terms of quality and durability. Sustainability is more and more important in every sector these days! The environmental cost of…

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