How the fashion industry has heped overcome poverty

Women from Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso, three of the world's poorest countries, are beginning to be gently introduced into the global fashion industry and its behind the scenes reality thanks to the EFI and the International Trade Center (ITC). The Initiative has just expanded to West Africa, linking micro producers in the continent and buyers in the fashion sector in Europe.

African fashion on the podiums

It is as if the anthropological vigilance of the social sciences had abandoned the African terrain in the face of the empirical and economic issues of development. The model of haute couture helps us to think of this phenomenon.. Fashion, like development aid, is difficult to define from its object. The first concerns clothing, luxury, food, cosmetics or ornaments, customs uniforms or male hair. The second affects the economy, culture, health, agronomy or justice, up to customs tariffs or the informal hairdressing sector.

Stella Jean

Stella Jean is a young fashion designer born in Rome with Caribbean origins. She presented her first collection in July 2011 and won the first prize in 'Who is on Next'.. Stella Jean, a former model, combines African motifs with modern elements to reflect her Italian and Haitian origins. His collections are 'reflections of life inspired by multidimensional experiences'.  


The idea is very unique: they don't have seasonal collections, but they create a collection a year with a different accent on each season. These two designers are passionate about the mix of fashion and contemporary art in their presentations, for which they have received numerous awards. Kiki Clothing Kiki is a brand of clothing and footwear for women and children from Ghana created by Titi Ademola. It features bright colors and African patterns, all in a casual style. For her designs and creations, Titi Ademola is inspired primarily by her Ghanaian and Nigerian origins and every day experiences, as well as additional cultures and contexts. All products are made in Ghana with fabrics from Mali and Ghana to enable African countries to benefit from the world of fashion. Christie Brown Christie Brown is a luxury women's clothing brand based in Ghana. It was created in 2008 by Aisha Obuobi, who named her as her grandmother, an initial inspiration for her career in fashion. In 2009, Aisha Obuobi won the award of 'Emerging Designer of the Year' in South Africa, and presented her collection at Fashion Week in Paris.
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