Online Guide to Buying Eyelash Extension Products

Eyelash Extension Products

Eyelash extensions may bring the difference between a simple loom and looking glam. They also hide a few imperfections in the natural eyelashes by making them fuller, longer and thicker than before. There are various types of extensions out there that include silk, mink, synthetic and human hair. According to, the choice of the products affects the kind of look that you would like to have. You may need to attend an eyelash extensions class if you handle various clients or enjoy changing your lashes regularly. Here are some of the eyelash extension products that you require for the proper applications of the extensions.

Extensions Themselves

The extensions are the main items for a perfect look. Apart from selecting the type of extensions to buy, it is important to determine the volume and patterns for your extensions. You may go for individual lash patterns, pre-made volume fans and cluster lashes. Most individual pattern lash extensions are usually not glued together. On the other hand, cluster ones are voluminous and suitable for a glam look. Do remember to check the length, curl and the way lashes are glued to each other when making your choice.


You need a quality bonding solution that will hold your lashes to the extensions. However, most strong glues have strong fumes and may cause a burning sensation to your eyebrows. This is of much concern if you have sensitive skin or some allergy. Ensure that you check the drying time of the glue. A good quality glue should have dried out within five or fewer minutes of application. If you are looking for lash extensions to wear daily, look for a glue that can hold the extensions in place for at least seven days.


You need two types of tweezers, which are the isolating and lashing tweezers. The isolating tweezers are used for separating individual lashes of your natural eyelash to ensure a clean application of the glue. They have an ergonomic design for this work. On the other hand, lash tweezers are used for picking and applying extensions. These tweezers are either straight, curved or l-shaped. You can use both types of tweezers in such a way that the lashing one applies the eyelash extension while the other one holds them in place.


You need the mascara to thicken, lengthen or create a vibrating effect on your eyebrows. When making a purchase, go for a formula that offers the desired effect. If you have straight lash extensions, go for a curling mascara. For short lashes, go for a lengthening formula. If you would like to have thick lashes, pick a mascara with big and bushy brushes. However, for neat flowing lashes, go for mascara for eyelash extensions brands with spiky combs.

Brushes and Sponges

You may go for a brush-comb combination to use the comb side for separating the lashes and the brush side for enhancing the look of the extensions. On the other hand, if you have problems picking and holding your eyelash extensions, a sponge offers a surface to hold them as you apply them.

Other Items

You may need other items such as the adhesive remover when taking off the extensions, a nano mister for speeding up the curing process and a premier to remove oils and debris from the extensions before the application.

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