Jobs in the fashion industry

Faced with the market of the textile industry, competition, especially from emerging countries, is becoming stronger. To stand out, professionals rely on innovation. Recruiters expect their future employees to stand out.

Marketer: knowing to adapt to the market

The Product Manager is responsible for the construction of the collection plan for his sector. He realizes his plans based on market research and sales analysis. For this, he must make a constant watch of what is done among competitors. It decrypts and follows the competitive environment. According to his study of the evolution of the market, he explains to the Stylist the orientations of the collection to take. From his indications, the stylist will be able to work according to the positioning of the decided products.

Model: give life to a project

At the origin of the prototypes of the pieces of each collection, the Modéliste is a magician. He transforms the idea of the Stylist put on paper in real canvas or patronage cardboard from the sketches given. He can then make necessary modifications and adjustments on the prototype. Once his manual work is finished, he writes a technical sheet including all the characteristics of the piece.

Styliste, the creator's adviser

The job Stylist SupdeMod form is a job that is dream. Indeed, being a stylist is to give his opinion to the creator but also to personalities who use his services. With his strong taste for fashion, he has the sense of aesthetics and is responsible for the casting of models who must scroll. Mastering English and being persuasive are two qualities sought after by a Stylist. In addition, he must be constantly on the lookout for new trends in fashion. It's a job that moves and for which you have to know how to manage pressure and stress. The world of fashion is wide. It allows to work for small creators, ready-to-wear or luxury. Anyone with a general baccalaureate or ST2A can follow us at the MANAA and then integrate one of our diplomas. The choice of the latter will depend on the desire to be in the creation or sale of fashion products and luxury for example! SOURCER The main mission of the Sourcer is to find new suppliers and products. He is both the one who watches the quality of the fabrics and the one who negotiates the prices. By keeping an eye on technological and creative research, he is the first to know about new materials and processes.
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