Jewelry for men: tips and advice

Have you ever stopped in front of a jewellery shop window and admired the contents? The work of goldsmith, the creativity, the imagination that some pieces release...Yet, wear jewelry, very little for you! Well, this article aims to make you change your mind. Vast project I agree, but I will do my best.

Jewelry and men

Men's jewellery has not always been taboo. History shows a certain craze of the male sex for ornaments and adornments, sometimes even more demonstrative than women. Throughout the ages, from antiquity to the Renaissance, through the Middle Ages, men wore jewelry - sometimes very bright - to assert their social status with their peers. In ancient Egypt, all men wore jewels. The more modest ones were satisfied with small amulets while the richest sported voluminous adornments on the chest, rings (sometimes several on each finger) or cuffs in gold and various jewels (turquoises of Sinai, lapis lazuli originating from Afghanistan). The less extravagant Romans, however, used to wear rings, plastrons and precious necklaces. Some jewels could mean a military affiliation.

Jewelry for all

Curious to really understand why men wore so little jewelry, I began a small investigation in my entourage. Of course, this one does not have value of representative sample of the population but can nevertheless bring some elements of answers. To the question "why do not you wear jewelry? I was often retorted: too connoted, too feminine, flashy or worse, "not for me". Does this mean that some men are born to wear jewelry and some are not? Finally, and as always, the jewel is associated with social considerations firmly rooted in our heads, imagery as old as outdated. Symbol of power and wealth, the jewel is excluding. Almost banned from the men's locker room for more than two centuries (and reserved for women), he is feminine and therefore sexually connoted.

Different jewels for men

"But then, will you tell me, how to wear jewelry when one is a man?" I'm coming! Know first of all that, when it comes to jewelry, the only rule is that there is not ... almost! Of course, some indications may be necessary to avoid turning into a real Christmas tree or a sad replica of Puff Daddy...The jewels are accessories of no practical use. Their only interest lies in what they say about you, your personality. Wearing jewelry is choosing to express something special, deep. There is not really a fashion jewel. When there are some currents, most often, they run out to become quickly anachronistic or even tacky.
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