Top five jewelry designers as of 2019

The fashion accessory is important for you! it gives personality to your silhouette and it is the detail that makes the difference! It does not matter if you have a casual, natural, chic, sought-after look ... you need it for all styles! A loose dress, a tunic or tee-shirt xxl, a jumpsuit or a blouse requires a minimum of accessory.

The belt, the accessory that keeps attracting interest of designers

Why do we like the belt? Because it holds tight as well as it decorates. To maintain our pants or to accentuate our size we will prefer a fine model, a classic belt. This accessory emphasizes the size and brings a touch of delicacy with ease. As for the fashion touch, we favor the good and beautiful wide belt that we do not hesitate to put on top of the clothes for a hype look.

What accessories for a fashionable bride?

How to talk about marriage without mentioning the fashion accessories that day? From the solitaire to the alliance you will find everything in our catalog or in our album 40 alliances to tell him "Yes". You will also find all the fashion accessories so you will not be able to spend the day like this so chic and sexy tatoo necklace. This necklace does not do too much and it will go divinely with the very fashionable strapless dress or a huge neckline. Do not forget that on this exceptional day you will be wearing your hair, headdresses and tiaras are there to beautify your hair. Finally, what would a bride without a veil be? Short, long, you just have to choose from our selection of sails.

Fashion accessories for sports

Okay we are not all big sports fans, but we all have a pair of sneakers in our closet. To go for a walk, go get his wand on Sunday or accompany our darling for his little Sunday jogging we love sneakers. Wearing it does not have to look like Rocky Balboa, it's all about choosing them with taste and believe us: there's a choice! Have a look at the sneakers we love, from Adidas to Chanel, we love it! Ski fans are going to be spoiled, all you fashion accessories to be divinely sexy on the slopes. Finally for those who want to get into the gym, here are some tips to find the pair of sneakers that you need.
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