The importance of fashion on an individual scale

Fashion, including any ready-to-wear collection, plays a crucial role in our society. Clothes, but also accessories, continue to worry most of the population, adults and adolescents alike. Fashion leads to multiple professional activities, each as interesting as the others, such as fashion design, the creation of accessory collections, the creation of a fashion show or Haute Couture clothing.

The importance of what we wear on a daily basis

Clothes, whatever they are, are considered as a second skin. It is an integral part of us. It is the garment that will return a certain image to the other. It is therefore important to adopt this or that style, depending on the message you wish to convey. It is the garment and by extension the fashion that makes us human. The newborn comes out naked, before being dressed to enter the world of men. Clothes are there to meet a number of criteria: comfort, warmth, protection and aesthetics. Fashion is loaded with symbol and imagination. Fashion is consumed. Clothes are bought as a social marker.

A social symbol and a way of telling what we think

The social marker is the strongest thing in fashion. The garment can be chic, elegant and refined and becomes a source of pride. Fashion refers to the upper class, which many people wish to achieve by wearing expensive clothing. People dress as they would like to be and according to the circumstances of the day. We do not dress the same way to go to work, only to go dancing. Fashion is also the reflection of the individual, who will see himself in the mirror. It is a duplication of self and a kind of performance.

Fashion prevents depression and other annoying mental issues

Fashion is also loaded with markers. By fashion, we acquire a social genre. In fashion, there are codes and genres, which forge an identity. If by definition the garment is inanimate, it provides a form of narcissism or fetishism depending on the case. Thus, some people must always be perfectly dressed, at the risk of making a real depression. Borrowing clothes from the other male or female is not trivial either. We then talk about inversion of codes or taking power. The woman will free herself from her bra to express demands and a great freedom. Fashion is above all an experience, in which one learns little by little what its social function is.
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