Fashion trends for summer 2019

In fashion, a new season means a lot of new trends to discover and experiment. In short, it's the excitement in the fashion sphere! And to sort through all the shows, we have deciphered for you 7 trends that will undoubtedly dominate the shelves and will take over the street in spring / summer 2019. Visit for more.

The tie & dye

It seems that degraded dye is making a big comeback this summer! Fortunately for us, the print was totally stripped of its psyechedical hippie image to make room for a much more contemporary metamorphosis. So we find the dye not only on t-shirts, but also on jeans and women's silhouettes in general! The question that arises now is if this artisanal method would not have something to see the desire to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion industry.


In our hectic and modern society, we are more and more multitasking and our clothes must also follow our fast pace of life. Multifunctional clothes are well appreciated on the catwalk and soon in our wardrobe. There is an accumulation of pockets of different sizes sewn everywhere, practical zipper closures, tool belts tote, cargo pants, safari-inspired jackets and many, many khaki! For once fashion becomes practical, we will not deprive ourselves of this trend!


Beige was too long considered a dull color, with no character or even a non-color. Previously, if we wore beige, we could only be a bland person and without any small grain of madness. But today, everyone takes the beige as a standard of sophistication. From oats to off-white, beige is loved by all designers this season. Our must for enough elegance this spring is a total beige look from head to toe!


Unsurprisingly, the growing popularity of fluorescent colors goes hand in hand with the comeback of the 80s (as well as bling-bling and broad shoulders). Side people, Kardashian-Jenner sisters are regularly seen in fluo, but of course, these bright colors are also found on the catwalks and already on instagram! Our advice if you are not convinced by these garish colors? A touch of fluorescent (socks, under-sweater, accessories) and opt for sobriety regarding the rest of your outfit!


If you only had one dress for this spring / summer 2019, it would definitely be the meadow dress! It is preferably chosen with long sleeves, a high collar or closed enough and Victorian influences. Why do we like this trend? Because she is super feminine, a little romantic and at the same time quite modest.
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