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Published on : 22 March 20193 min reading time

Nowadays, celebrities show that they do not have only one string to their bow. In addition to music, movies, etc., some of them decide to go into fashion. Thus, they go so far as to create their own brand of clothing. Discover celebrities you love who also have their clothing brand.

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Kany West

Kim Kardashian’s husband is one of the “victims” of fashion. Before being able to create his own line of clothing, the singer collaborated with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas … Yeezy is the name of the clothing brand of Kany West. It offers plain streetwear clothing, but also military motifs.


Jay-z’s wife also got into fashion by creating her line of Ivy Park clothing, in a more sporty style.


Ünkut is the clothing brand of the French rapper. The brand has been so successful that it is sold in the United States, in stores like Jimmy Jaz. He chose to bet on the streetwear style.

Brahim Zaibat

Madonna’s dancer and boyfriend of the singer is the creator of the brand Defend Paris. Brahim’s goal is to fight against racism, disadvantaged children or the use of weapons.

La Fouine

The brand comes from American culture and French hip hop. Invented by the famous rapper La Fouine, and which produces high quality clothes with an incomparable design that we know as “Swagg”. The creator explained that the term swagg comes from the origin of the term “swagger” in English which means “way of presenting oneself to the world with confidence and with style”.

Diddy Puff

Multi-millionaire and formidable businessman, he launched his brand of streetwear clothes in 1998. At the beginning simple line of sweat shirts bearing the name of the brand, P. Diddy develops it until obtaining classic clothes, adapted to all men. The name of the brand is Sean John.

Victoria Beckham

The former singer of the Spice Girl has made a considerable place in fashion. The wife of David Beckham embraced fashion in 2008. 5 years later, his turnover has increased from 1 million pounds to 30 million. Victoria Beckham’s clothing is clean and classy.


Rihanna has always been noted for her keen sense of fashion. Thanks to her sometimes spectacular appearances on the red carpet, she quickly became the muse of great creators such as Dior or Armani. In 2013, the singer developed a highly publicized capsule collection with the British brand River Island.

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