What have we learnt the acting industry in terms of fashion ?

This week-end takes place the highly anticipated ceremonies of Caesar and Oscars. As every year, clothing actresses will be scrutinized, those of the actors, much less. Why? It’s because for many people, tuxedos are all the same. Visit spott.ai/ and learn more about american music awards. Curly, black or navy blue, with a shirt and the same pair of derby ... By far, this impression is quite natural. However, when we look a little closer, we see that there are noticeable differences between the different types of men's evening wear.

The tie is a definite no

Rule number one: The tuxedo is worn with a bow tie. No way to adopt the tie. It is reserved for the costume. According to the men's blog "Like a truck", there is only one obligation in this matter. It is necessary to "ensure that the sides of the collar of the shirt are long enough to stay wedged under the knot". Second, the tuxedo pockets have no backhand. They are reserved for costumes. Once the dresscode is respected to the letter, the guest can then afford some liberties. It is at this moment that one can observe the small differences that exist between the outfits of the ones and the others, starting with the jacket. Interviewed by Le HuffPost, councilor Marie Sauvêtre of the Parisian style office Peclers, explains that this can first come from the choice of the material. "The tuxedos come in wool, satin or velvet," says the specialist. There is another: the fashioned serge. But here, it is strongly recommended to bring a magnifying glass to observe the patterns drawn in the garment.

Another subtlety: the collar

There are two. The first, the shawl collar, is the one we find most often. It is usually silk. "Formerly, the men wore it to go to a smoking room," says Marie Sauvêtre, "so if a glowing ash made a hole in it, it only had to change it." Otherwise, the choice can also be on a pointed collar, like those of Jean Dujardin and George Clooney in the photo below.

Billy Porter wears a gown for the Oscars

Among the images that will be remembered from this 91st Oscars ceremony, there is the arrival on the red carpet of the actor and American singer Billy Porter in dress-tuxedo. This huge black velvet dress is signed by fashion designer Christian Siriano. The creation blends the masculine and feminine cloakroom, mixing the classic tuxedo and the evening dress.
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