Vintage fashion for celebrities: the latest and most notable outings

Just look a little around, in deco or fashion, to see that the vintage is a real trend. And we love it. The only difficulty is to succeed in adopting it without looking completely outdated. Pearl necklace and polka-dot skirt, new look dresses and little pumps or sixties skirt and butterfly glasses, here are some celebrity vintage inspirations that we can copy without delay. By the way, one of the best websites that we can recommend for celebrities outings, whether it’s about the oscars, Cannes festivals or the American music awards, is

Marion Cotillard’s retro dress

Marion Cotillard opts for a dress with a resolutely retro look, marked at the waist with a cut and a very 50s length. We like the contrast of the cut shoes on the kick, very modern.



The retro veil of Dita Von Teese

The veil is making a comeback this season. It is worn for example on a cap to give it a chic and retro touch. Pin-up girl Dita Von Teese wears her in bibi mode, as before.

Katy Perry’s retro strapless dress

Dita Von Teese has found an heiress in Katy Perry who also wears the strapless sixties beautiful strapless dress. The velvet and the detail of the black tulle petticoat add to the glamor.

The retro boat collar of Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron would she take for Brigitte Bardot? With her pretty boat neck dress she has in any case all the appearance of a BB in its infancy.

Eva Mendes retro boat collar

Same spirit in the seductive Eva Mendes who also adopts the neckline boat neck for a kind of beginner prom dress.

Michelle Williams retro boat neck

Michelle Williams knows about the retro look since she played Marilyn Monroe on the big screen. The boat neckline dress, the belted waist and the short hair in the Seberg jeans make it a perfect retro silhouette.

Nicole Kidman’s retro ball gown

After the ball of the beginners, head for the ball of end of the year in the United States in the 60s! Nicole Kidman dares the candy dress and her frilly tutu. The belt has structured the whole and breathe a little modernity: well seen.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s retro short dress

With her short haircut and makeup lashes actress Ginnifer Goodwin winked very well to the famous Twiggy. The short dress, pastel and small sleeves is also in the 60’s.

Alexa Chung’s retro short dress

Alexa Chung is the modern it girl of the moment which does not stop to pay tribute to his elders with a dress in the sixties cut, two-tone, worn with a small square heel.

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