A beginner’s guide to what fashion is in today’s world

It is really difficult to define precisely the concept of fashion. This is because it is a fairly large universe; which is both linked to thousands of people while remaining intimate.

How can we define fashion?

It can be said, however, that fashion is the way of dressing, of clothing according to the tastes of a given period or environment. Fashion is novelty, originality, and sometimes a provocation against the established order. Fashion according to Lilo, a fashion website, includes not only clothing, but also accessories, makeup, perfume and even body modifications. It is also one of the most powerful industries in the world. It represents 6% of global consumption. Several factors determine it; these factors are most often related to aesthetic research. Fashion is often seen as a means of asserting one's social rank, social group, appearance, or personality. The concept of fashion makes it possible to really measure the evolution of our society and mentalities through the ages.

How did we come to fashion as we know it today?

Humanity has not always known fashion as it is nowadays. Indeed, we can imagine that in the prehistoric era, women did not discuss among themselves the last model of dress sewn from the skin of a beast driven by their husbands !! However, some marks of distinction in clothing already existed; according to social rank or tribe. The improvement of sewing techniques led to making this concept of clothing more and more known; until the Middle Ages, when fashion really began to exist. At that time, fashion was most often associated with a "sartorial revolution". Beauty and the physical begin to take on importance. It is at this moment that the concept of "perfect woman" is born. So, through the ages, the fashions have become more liberal. In addition, importance began to be given to the style in clothing.

Fashion nowadays

Fashion has presented itself to humanity at every moment of its history. We can say that it has crossed the times. Nowadays, we hear a lot more about the "world of fashion". Indeed, fashion has almost become an institution, a way of life, a know-how. It has become a discipline in its own right; today, leading schools are being created to train stylists and other fashion specialists. Today the styles of dress, the choice of colors or accessories are of paramount importance. A large number of fashion shows are held every day; and the stylists compete so much creativity, ingenuity and madness in their creations. Magazines and specialized websites are created to spread and make known the different facets and notions associated with fashion.
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