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Published on : 22 March 20193 min reading time

A few weeks ago, the excellent Shopstyle invited me to write a blog post. To do this, I had carte blanche. If I mention it to you it was that day, I left to tell a slice of life obviously hectic and truculent and then … go to know why, I launched into a kind of criticism against the tendencies.

Do we like fashion?

Not that I do not like “fashion”, let’s be clear. It would be deeply dishonest to pretend that I am never influenced by trends, whether in my way of dressing or buying. However, I am sometimes surprised by the reaction of people. Nothing annoys me more than some thoughts that I glean here and there, sometimes even via my (very) close. Under the pretext that I hold a blog where I sometimes approach topics called “fashion”, and that I work for a women’s magazine. By virtue of what, I enjoy a sort of very flattering label of “fashionable girl.” As a result, people often talk to me about rags. As if I was summed up in that, the rag. Sometimes, I’m hailed “oh well, you who love fashion, what’s the fashion piece of this summer?” As if I only dressed with what I’m told to buy. Other times, even, we apologize: “No, but I’m not too fashionable, there, I did not have time to look into the question this morning, I’m ashamed”. Dressed in fashion … without laughing, what does that mean?

Conception of fashion

I will tell you, what my conception of fashion is. To be trendy is to ignore fashion, precisely. And understand, finally, that spending your money (which I do very well) is not necessarily synonymous with fashion. Fashion is nothing without style, which is, if you will, my innate opinion. Or something very close that I’m not sure I own, by the way. So of course, I like shopping. I even think I can say verbatim that I like “fashion”. But for pity’s sake, do not mix everything. And stop believing that fashion would be more serious than a game, a way to stand out from its neighbor, to highlight its attributes or to claim membership of this or that tribe.

Online fashion!

You just have to discover the must have tendencies of this summer (attention, a trap was hidden in this last sentence!). And as long as you’re there, do not hesitate to check out fashion blogs: as far as I’m concerned, I particularly like the search engine that will allow me to flush out, finally!

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