The most underrated fashion brands of the last decade

Where some earn in cost over others is advertising; this is how Modestology or Loom have eliminated unnecessary fees, their prices are close to Zara or Celio! "We eliminate intermediaries, says the founder of Modestology, Jeanne Bosco.

Le Basiq

Intermediate zero, no physical store, a low margin is the model of the brand Le Basiq. Two products: t-shirts (23 €) and pullovers (55 €), made of organic cotton, manufactured under good working conditions guaranteed by several labels (Fair Trade Certified, SA 8000, Social Accountability International). Organic cotton is GOTS certified. No sales, but very reasonable purchase prices with t-shirts that cost 23 €!


Hopaal are t-shirts and sweaters with a very low environmental impact made from organic cotton or recycled fibers (Oeko-Tex 100 and Global Recycled Standard). Their social impact is positive. Their Indian suppliers are certified Fair Wear Foundation (child labor is forbidden, wages can live decently in the country ...). The cuts of the clothes are simple, the fabrics of quality and the universe of the mark makes you want to put to surf. What more?

Armed Angels

The great asset of Armed Angels is to offer a varied collection with lots of very cute pieces trendy enough. Armed Angels renews its collections and practices balances: not completely eco-responsible certainly, but all its materials are: lyocell, modal, certified organic cotton GOTS, recycled polyester ... The factories of manufacture in Portugal, in Morocco, in Turkey and in China are labeled Fair Trade and Fair Wear. There are pretty basic that do not exceed 30 € and more worked pieces, blouses, dresses, blouses with ruffles ... between 55 € and 90 €.

Do You Green

Sexy lingerie at a completely cool price! Bra € 30, shorty € 15 ... Lingerie Do you green is created from wood. It is pine fiber transformed into a material close to cotton but softer. An ecological fiber because it comes from responsibly managed forests and consumes half as much water as cotton. The finished product is labeled Oekotex (it does not contain any harmful substances). The lace comes from Calais; underwear is made in Tunisia and return to France by boat.


Loom, a young company from the incubator My Little Paris, makes sustainable t-shirts in Europe. If the materials are not especially ecological (for now, the founder tells us), the quality of the raw material and the design means that the garments are sustainable in their true sense.
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