A guide to the most famous fashion designers in the world

Although styling is not included in art forms such as painting and sculpture, this activity can be considered as such. Design and fashion have the goal of bringing beauty and functionality to clothing and accessories. This art form is influenced by the different cultures of societies which allows a great diversity according to the country and the time. Here are some of the newest and most famous fashion designers

Uzma Babar

Uzma Babar launched its own line: Umsha in 2010. This brand is deeply rooted culturally, as evidenced by the Pakistani-inspired designs and styles. She considers her drawings as contemporary works of art perfectly adapted to today's women. In addition, his drawings always incorporate a traditional touch, which gives an ideal balance between the two styles. Following a strong local success, Uzma has decided to open various stores around the world such as Canada, Great Britain or the United States.

Zac Posen

Zac Posen was born into an American entrepreneurial family, this helped him become what he is right now. While still a student, he created a dress specifically for Naomi Campbell. This dress, despite its lack of notoriety, was a success and was carried by several personalities to events of standing. It was Posen's first design. It was from that moment that he began to be watched by the fashion industry. After graduation, he moved with his parents to New York. It is in this city that he will open his first workshop, in the family home. This small workshop will gradually become a family business. All members of his family helped him grow his business. His mother worked as a sales manager and his sister was the creative director. In 2002, Posen was able to organize its first fashion show, featuring cutting-edge fashion designs for women. This event has received excellent reviews and many companies have shown interest in his work. Since then, his career has started and he now has clients such as Natalie Portman and Gwyneth Paltrow ... and many others.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung was born in Singapore. He worked for Bill Blass, famous American stylist of the twentieth century, for almost five years. Then, he finally launched his brand in 2009 at New York Fashion Week. Her clients include some very famous names. Gurung graduated from the Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi. He had to work very hard and went through many fashion houses before being completely autonomous. He also received the Best Designer Award at the Parsons annual design competition. As a result, the experience gained through his academic studies, practical training and internships has allowed him to become one of the most recognized designers currently.
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