Shopping tips for fashion enthusiasts

From the crowd, long minutes of waiting for fitting rooms ... Stores have become a real chore! To no longer take the lead, we offer a list of the 5 best e-shop, for a shopping in peace. If you are agoraphobic, or just that commando operations is not your thing, do not panic: you still have online shopping.

Read the size chart

Most sites indicate the exact measurements of clothing and also the manikin that wears the piece. By reading all this information you will avoid disappointments and do not end up with pants too short or a sweater too tight.

Buy the same piece in several sizes

OKAY. We do it, make the returns, it's the galley. But if the commercial site on which you are, offers delivery and free returns, enjoy! Like that, if you hesitate between a 40 and a 42, by trying them you will know which one is better for you and for the other: back to the sender.

Choose thick fabrics

Fluid tissues do not forgive while thick fabrics can be more easily retouched in case of size problem. Classic for sunglasses Stick to frames you know that fit the shape of your face. If you have a round face, you forget the round frames. It's a question of balance. So round glasses, it's more for oval faces. And the good news is that today more and more sites that market sunglasses offer a selection of glasses according to the different morphologies of faces. Choose models that are adjustable A knit top will be less complicated to use than a woven model. And a dress with adjustable straps adapts more easily to silhouettes than models with fixed straps. Do not buy too big, even in doubt Even if a priori, this idea seems good, when a room is too big, we generally do not want to wear it. And even if you think that you can wear underlayers under your XXL sweater, in reality, they will not be thick enough to reach the right size. So even if you opt for a roomy room, check that it is not too much. Choose dresses that fit your silhouette If you choose a dress that follows roughly the shape of your figure, it will require less adjustment. So, if you are small size, opt for a dress adapted to an “A” like morphology. If you have shapes (lucky!): Favor dresses with the marked size.
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