Fashion designs and trends occupy a leading role in our society

Clothing designs are important for the economy, for society and for for us individually

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Our clothes, our story!

The way we wear clothes showcases, first and foremost, our personalities and what we we would love to belike. Let’s do our best then!

Today’s fashion impact and scope

What contribution to everyday life does it have?

Fashion has been part of of humanity’s everyday life at every moment of its history. We can say that it has lived through time. Indeed, fashion has almost become an institution, a way of life, a know-how.

It has become a fully-fledged field of study; today, leading schools are being created to train stylists and other fashion specialists. The style of dress, the choice of colors or accessories have become aspects of everyday life and a topic of paramount importance. More tips on

Fashion trends

Fashion trends

Bamboo bags, snake print, stylish sneakers: discover the top fashion trends with us! Obviously, every new year has its new fashion resolutions! Look online and you will find thousands of articles, photos, blogs and reviews where the most popular fashion inspirations of the moment are unveiled , revealing mainly the trends of 2019. While we still find the untouchables such as the wrap dress or sneakers, we see appearing some fashion “UFOs” like the cycling shorts that got invited in our daily outfits!

Fashion changes

Fashion changes

Indeed, the world is changing, and consumer tendencies, social norms and artistic trends are also constantly changing! Fashion is therefore a symptom of this evolution.

Fashion and the environment

Sustainable clothing

Sustainable clothing

Sustainability and environment are some of the biggest challenges for the fashion industry for the coming decade: a more ethical, more responsible fashion industry is definitely needed! This change is motivated by the brands’ reputations online. On social media, a clothing brand can be demolished in no time if it makes a mistake. It is therefore a symbolic danger!


Celebrities are undeniable sources of inspiration with their carefully studied looks and styles. Celebrities are charming specifiers. Their hairstyle, their clothes, their makeup inspire their fans. In order to be part of this huge enthusiasm and keen interest by the fans, any celebrity must have, at least one of these essential qualities: beauty, personality, charm, temperament, style and finally the art of wearing fashionable clothes. This year, February 24th was held in Los Angeles the 91st Oscars ceremony rewarding the biggest stars of Hollywood cinema. Once again, the personalities competed for elegance. You can also learn more about celebrities’ clothing styles and latest outings in this website:

The use of celebrities in advertising or celebrity-marketing is a technique used for at least a century. It consists in attracting the attention of the consumer and in giving more interest to the advertising message. Since the end of the 90s, the number of campaigns using stars continues to increase worldwide, in the form of advertising posters, commercial photos but also commercials. Under this latter form it is widely distributed to millions of viewers. Also, in a world saturated with images, the star allows the brand to be noticed by the general public but also to distinguish itself from the competition. Consumers want more and more to identify with these people symbolizing success, beauty, talent…